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Humor Makes It Better

Humor make it better. I can say this with very little doubt. It makes work better. Relationships, family time, vacation, stress, pain, are all substantially improved when there's humor in the mix. But it it's one of those things that people, especially in business, avoid or dismiss. The more I read, the more I work with folks, the more I am convinced this is wrong.

Humor needs to be part of our plan to improve, to make things better. This is something that we all want. We'd like to be more effective in our jobs, more engaged with those around us, and take more enjoyment from all walks of our lives. Humor really is the thing that can help us do that. There is plenty of evidence for humor's effects. I've spoken at conferences and to professionals across the country about it.

If it's so obvious why humor is important, if it's so very helpful, why isn't it more prominent in our leadership development? Why aren't there more folks like me doing this sort of work? Truth be told, I have no idea. I thought when I started this business that the idea was just a slam dunk. But clearly it has taken more than I thought to grow this business.

Since I am still a new business making my way, I am reaching out to you readers. What sorts of things can I do to get my message out there in an effective way? What sorts of materials would help you to be convinced that the services I offer are needed? Anything you can offer is appreciated. I thank you in advance. Starting a business isn't easy, but it's a great challenge and I believe so strongly in the power of humor, that I am not willing to give up on it.

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