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Learn How to Improve Engagement, Resilience and Decrease Stress
   ​​Why We Need to Improve Work 
60%-80% of the workforce is disengaged 
77% of "reasons" for a person to leave a job are preventable
Less than 2 years at a job for millenials and Gen Z.
80% of the workforce is looking for a new job
Turnover costs range from 15%-33% of annual salary.
   Mike Cundall presents programming, training, and approaches that will

Reduce stress by nearly 40%

Increase productivity by nearly 200%

Improve overall health

Improve resilience

Have more fun and enjoy work

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More Humor Means More Engagement

Dr. Mike has been working and researching humor for nearly 20 years. Research shows humor boosts creativity, improves communication effectiveness, and increases morale and attitude. It improves health, and increases camaraderie. Dr. Mike believes that any organization or individual that has a proper understanding of humor will be able to see improvements across a variety of areas.

If you're an organization that values your people, values creativity, and wants to create an atmosphere where engagement and energy abound, humor is a perfect tool to help meet these goals. Understanding the how's and why's of humor and learning how to effectively increase wit, laughter and mirth will bring benefits to your organization in the near and long term.

See why organizations like the US Army, universities, teachers, and professors have all worked with me to increase engagement.


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Speaker Opportunities
  • I have given talks to local entrepreneurship groups on improving resilience, defeating procrastination and leadership.

  • Keynote speaker for the US Army on Leadership

  • Keynote Speaker on the power of memes in our work and personal lives




 Motivational Speaker



News and Upcoming Talks
  • 6/21 Cases on Applied and Therapeutic Humor book released. Find it here

  • 6/21Overcoming Procrastination

  • 7/20: Humor Helps: Getting Engaged Work

  • 2/20: Boosting Creativity: Venture Cafe

  • 11/19: Humor, Health & Politics: Elon Univ.

  • 10/19: Humor & Leadership: Venture Cafe

  • 9/19: TRIAD Demo Day

  • 9/19: Humor, Health, and Wellness: AHEC

  • 6/19: Humor and Work: Venture Cafe

  • 2/19: Humor and Development: Using Humor to Communicate

  • 12/18 Humor and Medical Care: AHEC

  • 9/18 Project Management Institute of Triad

  • See my recent WFMY Morning Show Interview.

  • 6/18: Humor Fundamentals @ Flywheel in Winston-Salem

  • 3/18: Humor & Leadership  US Army Raleigh Recruiting Battalion


Customer Reviews

  • Interesting take to have a professor  present on such an interesting topic. Loved the research-based approach. CASE Conference Attendee

  • "It was an honor and a privilege to get the opportunity to see you speak at the United States Army Raleigh Recruiting Battalion FY18 Annual Training Conference. Your ability to articulate how humor in the workplace correlates with building team cohesion and promoting a high level of morale within a unit is a skill set that you have no doubt mastered. This type of leadership approach is an ability that leaders at all levels need in their tool box. Thank you for volunteering your time to come out and speak to all of the Soldiers within our organization. It was greatly appreciated."Sergeant 1st Class Michael Thompson, US Army

  • "Mike did a superb job communicating both in concept and anecdote the way to engage professionally using humor. [He] helped me consider how I can better connect with people in challenging settings particularly in the use of humor." Kevin Hallquist, VP-PMI Triad NC Chapter

  • "During the contentious 2016 election, Mike came in and taught a class on using humor in politics which was well-received. In these days of coarse civil discourse, hopefully his focus on elevating debate will help future candidates do better than what we have experienced in recent memory" Institute for Public Trust founder Frank Hill.