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Increase Engagement with Humor

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More Humor Means More Engagement

If you value your people, encourage creativity, and want to create an atmosphere where engagement and energy abound, let Dr. Mike Cundall help you. He can show you how to effectively increase engagement, work-life satisfaction, and create overall more fulfilling work spaces. Check out his new book "The Humor Hack." It has 13 chapters covering how humor works, how you can work humor into your life, how to create spaces where humor flourishes.

Research shows humor boosts creativity, improves communication effectiveness, and increases morale and attitude. It improves health and increases camaraderie. Dr. Mike believes that any organization or individual that has a proper understanding of humor will be able to see improvements across a variety of areas.

Check out my new YouTube Channel "The Humor Hack." I do video essays on all sorts of topics related to humor.

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Mike Cundall is an author, public speaker and philosophy professor with published research on the positive impact of humor in our lives. He has given talks on improving resilience, defeating procrastination, and how to become more effective and engaged. He has also delivered keynote speeches for the US Army on leadership and the power of memes in our work and personal lives.

I wonder if we could use more humor around here?

Why We Need to Improve Work

Mike Cundall presents programming, training, and approaches that will:

  • Use humor to reduce stress by nearly 40%

  • Increase productivity by nearly 200%

  • Improve overall health

  • Boost resilience and battle burnout

  • Have more fun and enjoy work

Benefits of Humor In the Workplace

Increases Productivity
Increases Job Satisfaction
Improves Communication
Improves Recall & Memory

Trusted By

NC Agricultural and Technical State University
Project Management Institute
Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship
Greensboro AHEC
Council for Advancement and Support of Education
Venture Cafe of Winston Salem
US Army
HQ Greensboro

"Mike did a superb job communicating both in concept and anecdote the way to engage professionally using humor. [He] helped me consider how I can better connect with people in challenging settings particularly in the use of humor."

Kevin Hallquist
VP, PMI Triad NC Chapter​

"During the contentious 2016 election, Mike came in and taught a class on using humor in politics which was well-received. In these days of coarse civil discourse, hopefully, his focus on elevating debate will help future candidates do better than what we have experienced in recent memory."

Frank Hill
Founder, Institute for Public Trust

News and Upcoming Talks

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12/2018: Humor and Medical Care: AHEC

6/2018: Humor Fundamentals @ Flywheel in Winston-Salem

3/2018: Humor & Leadership  US Army Raleigh Recruiting Battalion

2/2018: WFMY Morning Show Interview


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