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Cases on Applied and Therapeutic Humor

by Michael K. Cundall, Jr. and Stephanie Kelly

Published: June, 2021

IGI Global

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Cases on Applied and Therapeutic Humor focuses on humor in medical care and will discuss issues in humor research, assessment of the effectiveness of humor in medical settings, and examples of medical care in specific health settings. The chapters will explore how propriety, effectiveness, perception, and cultural variables play a role in using humor as therapy and will also provide practical case studies from medical/healthcare professionals in which they personally employed humor in medical practice. This book is ideal for medical students, therapists, researchers interested in health, humor, and medical care; healthcare professionals; humor researchers; along with practitioners, academicians, and students looking for a deeper understanding of the role humor can play as well as guidance as to the effective and meaningful use of humor in medical/healthcare settings.

the humor hack book cover

The Humor Hack

by Michael K. Cundall, Jr.

Coming Fall 2022

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The Humor Hack, is due out in summer 2022 through Wipf and Stock Publishers. This book helps you "hack" humor into your life. Filled with discussions of humor, funny examples, and exercises, this book is designed to help you understand how humor works, where it's most effective, and then train you to use it more effectively. It's 13 chapters of fun, humor, laughs, and of course mirth. Written with the general reader in mind, this book is sure to entertain and help you increase the laughs in your life.