Some of Dr. Mike's publications on humor (be careful, these are full-on academic papers)

Tips & Tricks: Getting Started

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Here's some information, games, tips, links, other odds and ends that you may use to help increase humor in your workplace, home, or your life in general.  The point is to have fun and lighten up the atmosphere. Make fun of your failings at first, it may help the process.

Some things I find funny/enjoyable

What Can You Do?

  • Try having the best work incongruity contest. What's odd, ironic, unique in your workplace or what you make? Try it.

  • Go for witty, not comedy club

  • Leave puzzles or hidden messages in workplace communications. Rick Roll 'em

  • Would a harmless prank work?

Be careful

  • Be authentic

  • Humor is tough when brought into places where it hasn't been warmly received

  • Awkward moments will happen

  • Be self-deprecating

  • Keep at it.

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