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From boosts in creativity & engagement, humor is a powerful tool. Consulting packages include topics like

  • From Ha-Ha to Ah-Ha! Brainstorming w/ Humor

  • How Effective Leaders Use Humor

  • Understanding Humor in client interactions

  • Humor & Communications

  • Humor and Health

  • Using humor to increase engagement

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Public Speaking

Talks that are informative, funny, and enjoyable are the best. Dr. Mike has given keynotes to a variety of crowds. He is adept at using humor to enetertain and educate--a definite plus for a philosophy professor.

Keynote Speeches Given

  • Leading w/ Humor

  • Humor & the Workplace

  • Healthy Humor


Humor Workshop

Humor, interacting with people, and reading an audience can all be learned. Let me work with you to show you how!

One of the most oft asked questions is can you teach someone to be funny. The short answer is yes. Humor is a skill like any other. It can be developed.

Dr. Mike has a variety of packages and presentations available to give at conferences, employee development events, or as keynote addresses. He has presented on Humor & Sales, Humor & Politics, and Humor & Leadership.

  • Short 1-2 hour sessions on a specific topic like those above, or one tailored to your needs.

    • From Ha-ha to Ah-ha! Using Humor to Boost Creativity.

    • How to Use Humor Effectively

  • Medium 3-5 hour sessions where individuals are taught about humor and its effectiveness. Activities include, Joke Making 101, Quip it, Quip it Good, Recognizing Bullies, When Humor Helps, etc.

  • Longer Sessions involving pre and post humor assessment tools. Detailed analysis of the humor culture in your office. In-depth discussions and study of humor and how it works.

  • Motivational Talks designed to energize and engage your audience.


Understanding how humor, laughter, play, and mirth can help engagement, interaction, satisfaction, and enjoyment are important factors not often explored in typical leadership or employee development programs. Instead of bringing in the same old team-building sorts of exercises, invite Dr. Mike to come talk about humor. Your folks will learn, enjoy themselves, and return from the experience refreshed and more resilient. 

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