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Bathrooms at Jimmy Johns

In my quest to document and find all the different ways workplaces and spaces use humor, it was nice to find a few pics of the bathrooms at Jimmy Johns sub shop. I can't say that I've ever used the restroom at Jimmy Johns, but these pictures of what the corporation has done to their bathrooms is great. Most bathrooms are not places you want to hang out--well except in certain times. But Jimmy Johns took the bathroom experience to a totally new and humorous place. I am sure that it took some convincing to go with this rather direct decor for the water closet, but I would have to say it's more than worth it. If we remember more how we feel about a place, having good food and a few smiles while there surely will make us want to come back.

I happen to have learned a lot more about toilets than I ever did before. It even caused me to look up why the toilet is called a 'head' in boats. It has to do with its placement on the ship back when. Hat tip Wikipedia. I learned even more about Uranus. I especially love the foot placement minders for optimum reading effectiveness.

Some may find this humor juvenile and it is. But it doesn't mean it's not clever and fun. To get this through corporate boards and into a style probably took some creativity and will. I for one am happy they did.

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