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Give the man a prize

It's a truism that now many of us have a lot of time on our hands. I think the winner for the most creative use of time that I've seen has to be the guy in this video. Take the few minutes to watch the video. It's great. Hat Tip to Kentucky Sports Radio for putting me onto this. (I am a huge UK Basketball fan).

There are so many reasons to love this video. It's a Rube-Goldberg device and those are always great. But in contrast to many you see on the interwebs it's wonderfully DIY. It's not overly engineered; it's not the result of meticulous machining. It's a Rube-Goldberg idea taken to Rube-Goldberg levels of fun. The young man uses sticks, lawn chairs, swing-sets, gym equipment, his front, back, and side yard, his roof, the hill in the back yard, whatever is at hand. I daresay he borrowed some stuff from the neighbors.

He also clearly worked this up for some time. Hell, that trench he dug took some effort. He had to have run that course a couple times just to make sure he got the shot all the way through. His utter joy at the end is palpable and just as awesome to watch as the device is to unfold.

This labor of love is nicely summed up in the following quote from Andrew Carnegie. "There is little success where there is little laughter." Encourage those around you to play and be creative. Find ways to empower those you work with to be an fun loving at times as this. Digging that trench wasn't easy work, but the fun it helped to create made all the shovel fulls of earth moved more than worth it.

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