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Happy New Year from Mirth Management

I want to take a moment and wish everyone a great and fulfilling new year. The year that was 2020 was chock full of challenges. It was like no other and hopefully will remain so. As with every new year, we are handed a new set of at least 365 chances to do better. We can lose that weight, be a better parent, friend, or partner. How about all of the above. It's early in the year and we can be optimistic right?

There are a number of irons in the fire right now for me. I am working on getting my first ever book published. I am excited, and now I need to find a publisher or go it on my own. I plan on starting a YouTube Channel, as well as continue blogging and the like. I also have the chance to win a fellowship to write another book of a more academic nature. Hopefully the pandemic restrictions ease up and I can give some more talks in the face to face environment, as well as few digitally. Zoom is fine, but I do like working with people face to face. It's more fun for me. Finally, I will be redesigning the website. I do not like that aspect of the business at all. I am more of a words guy.

Have a happy new year, and let's all do our best to bring some more laughs, smiles, and humor into the world.

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