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How to Use Humor in your Teaching

I haven't been blogging much lately, mostly because I have been busy with other issues related to research I am doing as an academic. One main focus this year has been on the use of humor in the classroom. And happily, I had an article come out in the Teaching Professor in December of 2019. It felt nice to have it published. It's a subscription based blog, so you likely won't see the whole thing, but I can tell you it's a article focusing on getting started with humor in the classroom by focusing on memes. If you want to reach any group of folks Millennial-aged or younger, using memes will be helpful.

On another note, I amidst preparations for a webinar on using humor in the classroom through Magna Publications. This one will be a broader presentation of humor as a tool for teaching.

I'll have some more and newer content soon.

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