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Little Gestures of Fun

One of the things I try to tell people is that adding a little fun or humor in your day to day is not all that difficult. Take a look at the above picture. This sign, clever and funny, likely at park or other public space, sets exactly the right tone for humor in spaces like a workplace. Imagine walking in that park for the first time and you come upon that sign. I know I'd smile. I'd also snap a picture. What would you do? Making that sign isn't all that difficult. All you'd need to do is play around with an idea and then convince the parks department to open up the $100 or so bucks it costs for the sign, and put it up. The smiles that sign alone would draw would be worth it. Imagine watching a loved one of yours smile at it for the first time. That would easily be worth a C-note.

On my Instagram page @mirthprofessor I post mostly funny images from workplaces and such. Give it a follow. I've become a huge fan of clever uses of the barcode on packages. But if you look around, they're all about us. Again, these little additions in our lives are not hard. It doesn't take much to think and be on the lookout for places for humor to thrive. Just take a look around. Look for word-plays. Imagine you had to come up with some Dad jokes.

As we move forward in the world, humor can make everything better. We can enjoy our days in fun and clever ways if we only look for them. Have some fun with your day, place a funny sign at your desk, or in a hall. I use this one after I grade my students' first paper. It tends to help them relax a bit--college students can be uptight about their grades and with good reason. These little punctuation marks of fun enhance nearly everyone's day and the importance and value of that cannot be underestimated. And remember,

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