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News and the recent lay-off

I've been sparse in the postings lately, but that's due to parenting stuff, work-life (who knew having a full-time job and trying to get a business off the ground was so tough!?), and the rest. But things haven't been slack here at Mirth Management. I've given a talk on humor and health to the Wake Forest AHEC group. I have given a talk on humor and politics at Elon University. I also gave a talk at the Lighthearted Philosophers' Society on self-deprecatory humor. I also received good news that a short article I wrote on humor and the classroom will be featured on the Teaching Professor blog in a few short weeks. I will add a link soon.

I will also be adding some new content and have been thinking of doing a Podcast or V-log on humor in the workplace. Maybe just a way to talk about how humor is used well in the classroom. If you're interested let me know. Have a good week and have a few laughs at work.

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