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April Fool's-#laughatworkweek

I figured with a new webdesign and new web domain, that April 1st, the day of Fools, would be a good day to write the first blog post. Plus I get to mark something off my to-do list. Hey, two birds, one virtual stone. But as it happens, there is a new week out there with its own hashtag #laughatworkweek or #laughatwork. And if our friend E.E. Cummings is to be believed, if we don't laugh for a whole day, it truly is a wasted day.

One of the reasons it's so important to laugh is that it's restorative. It just feels good most of the time. Have you ever simply laughed so hard in part because how hard the rest of the day or week has been? I have. Sometimes it's all we have left. But I hope your job hasn't pushed you to that, or at least does not do so on a regular basis. Another reason laughter at work is so important is that we're often laughing with our friends and co-workers and these shared moments of mirth and levity are important to making the day go well. Maybe we share a joke before plunging into the long to-do list or we're having a much needed respite from that to-do list that, much like the Hydra, when you cross off one thing, two more appear. If you can laugh at that, then, you're probably adjusted as well as can be expected.

So do your best to find some ways to laugh at work this week. Maybe even laugh at your work too. I'd love to hear about some of your best stories bout workplace humor and laughter.

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